Tjuvholmen allé 25

The Museum collects children’s art from all over the world and preserve it for the future. Children and adults visiting the Museum will be able to participate in activities: music, singing and painting- activities during the summer period.

Art made by children from all over the world

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The International Museum Of Childrens Art

The International Museum of Children´s Art in Oslo, Norway is a pioneer institution, being the world´s first full scale Museum of Child Art. Today, the museum´s art collection contains art works by children and young from more than 180 countries.

The museum is beneficial to children as well as to adults and the collection is intended as a source of inspiration to both children and adults – including artists, pedagogues, researchers and politicians. The long-term efforts are to develop appreciation of the value of children’s art and culture represent, at the same time, a struggle to protect the rights of the child. The right to have and preserve a culture of one’s own is an accepted principle, when referring to nations or segments of the population. In addition to aesthetic qualities, the Museum contributes to provide a better understanding of children’s visions and standards of value.

Welcome to a different and unique art collection!