THEIF SPA steals the best from spa cultures across the globe and brings it home. Inspired by Norwegian nature – shale, moss, ocean and Nordic lights.

Luxurious Well Being

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Where the city meets the sea, we steal you away from the stresses of daily life into a world of water and wellness, rest and relaxation. We offer the best from spa cultures across the globe and bring them home. Rituals from Turkish Hamams, Moroccan Rhassouls and German Aufgusse are recreated with an intimate ambience inspired by the natural landscape of Norway – the shale and marshland, the sea and the Nordic light. THIEF SPA is 800 m2, with a 12-metre pool, indulge in showers, saunas, treatment rooms, a separate VIP treatment room for a full makeover, a complete beauty lounge, shop, gym and spa bar. Please note there is an age limit of 16 years and above in the spa at all times.

Monday to Friday 07:00- 22:00
Saturday and Sunday 08:00- 20:00